Why infiniti

In three words: ease, effectiveness and elegance. Infiniti is designed by educators who, like you, wanted a better pedagogic experience without worrying about tech or admin issues. Join teachers and students from all over the world with our 7-day free trial.

Why Infiniti



No more messing around with multiple tools such as Skype, Zoom, Google docs, OneNote etc.Time for AIOP!

Why Infiniti

Move to the next level with your Infiniti virtual classroom and its super-easy and useful learning management system that allows you to manage all your content, scheduling, and so much more…


all your content

manage content Play


schedule classes Play

and so much more

and more Play

Make your teaching and learning experience...

More effective than ever

Even more effective than the physical face-to-face experience. Infiniti guarantees this with its entertaining and engaging features and extensions all of which can be recorded in HD audio and video for reviewing, sharing, even enriching your content library.

Why Infiniti

Smooth & beautiful experience

Expect an uncompromisingly smooth and beautiful experience from Infiniti - designed by seasoned educationalists for the sole purpose of education. Don’t believe us: thousands of students, tutors and administrators simply love using Infiniti! Why Infiniti


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